A new generation of phototherapy systems

Introducing our new range of phototherapy treatment systems from medisun sets a new standard for successful treatments for both clinicians and patients.

These devices are developed and manufactured in Germany by medisun – with over 30 years experience in producing high end phototherapy systems designed to meet the highest European quality demands, conforming to EN ISO 13485:2016 certification.

From, the compact hand held medisun psori-comb and partial body medisun 250 and medisun HF-216 phototherapy systems, to the sophisticated whole body medisun 2800 innovation UV therapy system which represents a new generation of phototherapy systems.

medisun 2800PRO whole body therapy

medisun 2800 whole body therapy

medisun 250 partial body therapy

medisun HF-216 partial body therapy

medisun psori-comb partial body therapy

This new, next generation product range from Athrodax Healthcare, provide clinicians & patients with consistent treatment results, easy operation and a competitive price point.
High level customer and engineer service support remains our priority.

Our range of smaller hand held devices for examination and diagnosis include the ergonomic Derungs Opticlux LED magnifier lamp with optional wood’s light and the Illuco IDS-1100 dermatoscope. This dermatoscope can be purchased online from Athrohab.co.uk, just follow the link https://athrohab.co.uk/product/illuco-ids-1100-dermatoscope/

We also supply accessories and consumables for the dermatology department including a range of UV therapy treatment lamps, patient eye protection goggles, spectacles and face shields, Protex gloves for protection from UV light & chronic skin and hand conditions, also FlexiSept alcohol-free wipes for cleaning phototherapy equipment.

Athrodax have phototherapy products in over 75% of UK hospitals

VivaScope confocal laser scanning system for analysis, diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring of the different skin structures, step by step horizontally with microscopic accuracy and in cellular resolution. Provides for the first time, a non-invasive view into the epidermis and dermis, down to the superficial stratum reticular, in a pain free, uncomplicated and quick manner. InVivo Imaging – Instant optical biopsy and  ExVivo Imaging – Instant digital pathology.

We will continue to provide service and support to all of our existing Waldmann customers

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 01594 544440 or email sales@athrodax.co.uk for any requirements concerning your Waldmann phototherapy equipment